People are stressed out more than ever.  Being overworked or busy seems to have become a badge of honor, and being stressed is not limited to adults.  Children are under more pressure than every before and are expressing their stress in ways that look like school failure, behavior issues or even illness.  Today’s children have more anxiety and exhaustion than those of years past.

My goal at Tree of Learning is to teach children techniques that empower them to manage the stress and anxiety they may face on a daily basis.  Resting and restoring methods calm their central nervous systems, allowing them to have more availability to learn and succeed in school and life.



Individual tutoring for your child in reading, writing, math, executive functioning, and test preparation. A completely unique and individualized educational plan is designed specifically for your child based on his/her best learning style and particular needs.

Integrated Yoga and Tutoring Sessions

This session is designed to relieve the child of anxiety and stress before we start with the academic tutoring session. The session is individualized, so poses and mindfulness activities will vary. Some classes may incorporate more movement and strengthening poses to prepare the child, while others may focus on breathing and meditation. This one-hour session combines the benefits of yoga and the support children may need academically to create the ideal balanced learning experience. This session is especially helpful for children who have ADHD, and or focus issues.

Yoga Classes


Individual or group yoga classes. Techniques are taught that help the children strengthen and relax the mind and body. This allows for more success in school academically and socially. When your child’s mind and body is relaxed and stress-free they are then available to learn, receive and assimilate information.

Studies show that children, who practice yoga and mindfulness show reduction in stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention, sleep better, and have emotional stability.

Parent  Consultation


Empowering parents is a key component of a child’s success at school. After an initial consultation with your child, I would meet with you to share my recommendations and provide you, the parent, strategies to support your child educationally and emotionally. Additionally, my parent education curriculum includes understanding the stages of learning and development, negotiating effectively with school administration, teachers and staff, creating harmonious IEP meetings, and more.

Collaborative Problem Solving


Family training for children with challenging behavior and their parents, providing effective tools to work together to pursue appropriate and desirable behavior. For more information on this groundbreaking, highly effective technique, see Think:Kids