I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough. I originally hired Elizabeth to tutor my 7 year old daughter in reading and writing. Elizabeth has a wonderful way of interacting with children, making them feel at ease and confident at the same time. I noticed an improvement right away. My daughter always looked forward to her weekly sessions and adored Elizabeth!

Over the summer I had Elizabeth facilitate a “reading group” with my daughter and some of her friends. This little book club was such a treat for all of the children involved. It was a fantastic experience and helped them maintain what they had learned throughout the school year.

We have kept many of the journals that my daughter and Elizabeth worked on over those months, and my daughter refers to them fondly. You will not find a better equipped tutor for your child. Elizabeth was extremely professional and a joy to have around.

-Barbara Tomasulo

The moment Elizabeth Barbaro walked into my son's 4th Grade classroom, she could see from his posture and behavior that he needed occupational therapy and other specialized educational services. In addition to supporting him in class, Elizabeth skillfully advocated on his behalf, securing him access, for the first time, to the scarce special education resources of this large NYC public school where he had been since kindergarten. In addition to her considerable expertise, Elizabeth is a caring professional always ready to support families she has worked with; most recently, I asked her advice about diagnostic services in Massachusetts, where my son is now in 7th Grade, and Elizabeth immediately activated her network and was able to identify a slew of suitable options for us to consider. I will always be grateful to Elizabeth for identifying my son's learning needs, and for so effectively advocating to the school to meet them.

Liz Gibbons

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Elizabeth tutored my daughter in writing for three years. During that time, Elizabeth was an acute observer of what my daughter needed. Elizabeth is aware of the complexity of writing, from the act of handwriting itself, to finding expression in writing, to structuring it and being aware of audience, and was able to address each aspect in its proper time. She combined working on school assignments with doing more personal writing that was authentic and interesting to my daughter. Elizabeth was an excellent listener, both to the concerns of my daughter and to my concerns as a parent, and was able to make sure everyone’s needs were addressed. She taught my daughter the skills and gave her the tools to be able to “graduate” and continue to grow using the school setting combined with her own internalized skill set.

-Jennnifer Markowitz

Elizabeth has been working with our son for a year and half now, focusing mainly on multi-sensory literacy and math skills. Over this time we have seen him become more confident and overall less anxious about learning new skills. We love that Elizabeth builds in mindfulness and relaxation techniques into her lessons.  Elizabeth has also been an incredible support to us, as parents, as we navigate his extra support systems at our son's school. We are grateful to have her as an advocate for our son. 

-Alison P

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2 years ago I was desperate to find the correct resource for my son. He was in the First grade and struggling academically.  It is difficult to watch your child fall behind their peers and express frustration on a daily basis.  When we met Elizabeth she understood that my son needed to feel the sessions would be a safe environment for learning and not one of criticism.  Elizabeth recognizes that each child is unique in their ability to learn a new skill. She has been able to provide guidance to me with homework and school projects to make the process less stressful. My son’s reading ability has transformed in the time we have worked with Elizabeth and I am very thankful for her services.